Develcon bridging Aust and NZ

Develcon bridging Aust and NZ

Operating separately in Australia and New Zealand, Develcon Electronics has established a presence in Australasia to service its small customer base through distributors and resellers.

The company has established a reputation for its routers and WAN switching equipment, with installations in major telecommunications companies and a thriving OEM business.

"We believe we can service our Australian distributors from New Zealand," said Kirk Garlick, recently appointed Australian regional sales manager. With no direct sales organisation, Develcon has traditionally operated through larger system integration specialists such as CSC and Wang.

Develcon believes its key differentiator is the ease with which its products can be configured, a lifetime warranty on its products and the inclusion of firewall software at no extra charge.

Leading the product line is the Orbitor product family, a line of Ethernet bridge/routers.

Develcon's Athena product family consists of a line of enterprise switching processors.

Complementary to these two product families is a complete line of Ethernet wiring hubs, Ethernet switches, and token ring bridges.

"We may not be as large as some of the other companies in this market, but we believe we can address the higher end of the router and switching market," said Garlick.

Develcon's Australasian office can be reached at:

42 Manse Road, Papakura, New Zealand

Tel (64) 9298 4464; Fax (64) 9298 3993


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