The deregulation shuffle

The deregulation shuffle

This month's deregulation of the Australian telecomms industry will bring a lot of change. Let's hope it isn't just an excuse to rip off the consumer. Now that door-to-door encyclopedia salespeople have all but disappeared, perhaps we'll see direct salespeople flogging mega comms packages.

"Yes sir and madam. Imagine this: we'll consolidate all your communications needs into one package. Every month you'll get 47.3 minutes of free local calls, four half-price calls to Dar es Salaam, a 'family and friends' deal that makes every second call to your dentist free, 2000 hours of Internet connect time (between midnight and 5am) and a free mobile phone for each of the kids (just $1 a minute call charges), etc, etc. And all of this costs just $19.99 a day!"

Unless, of course, you're selling it!

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