We value your feedback

We value your feedback

One of the nice things about working on ARN is hearing from resellers. Vendors and distributors have to be nice to us (well, most of them, anyway), but resellers don't, so it's nice to hear from them - especially when they have good things to say.

Quite often the contact is initiated when they ring to see if we know who the distributor for a product is, or if we've heard from any other resellers with a similar distributor problem. Once we've solved their problem, they usually spend a few moments making positive comments about ARN and the job we're doing. We find that particularly gratifying because resellers aren't always talkative about the way they do things, especially when we're asking them how they're able to perform better than their competitors.

SofTeach is missed

One common complaint goes something like: "When are you going to do something about those cheating Y%$@$%^'s who fiddle the sales tax? We can't possibly compete with them." Or they'll complain about the miserable service provided by one or another distributor. The funny thing is, no two callers can agree which distributors are on the bad list and which are on the good.

Another common lament is for the "good old days of Merisel's SofTeach". That intensive weekend of product and sales training that was held annually in Sydney and Melbourne is sorely missed by many people. As one country NSW reseller told me last week, "I used to close up early on Friday afternoon and the whole team would head down to Sydney for the weekend. It was great because we'd talk nothing but computers until we got home at midnight on Sunday."

While many vendors and distributors run roadshows and product nights, these usually don't get to country towns, and it isn't worth making a trip to the big smoke for just a couple of hours of show. And it isn't something that can be fully satisfied by an online, virtual show either.

We'd like your feedback on the sorts of things you'd like to see. For instance, if a few vendors were willing to send a roadshow to a country centre, would you and your fellow resellers be willing to cooperate to make it pay? For instance, if the roadshow included, say, a couple of printer and PC vendors and some software, would you invite your customers along to the show, and be stocked up on some of the product, ready to fill their freshly-created desire?

There must be ways of helping resellers that have the bad (or is it good) fortune to be outside the capital cities.

Any thoughts?

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