Thin clients on the horizon

Thin clients on the horizon

Two more thin clients are about to hit the market, giving resellers a chance to work both sides of the argument for such computers - the side backing Intel/Microsoft and those that are backing Java. The NetPC will be assembled and distributed by Anabelle Bits, while the network computer will come from Tektronix.

According to Ken Lowe, the managing director of Anabelle Bits, feedback from corporate and government customers showed concerns about the security of sensitive information, and total cost of ownership.

"The design of the NetPC addresses both these concerns," said Lowe. The sealed unit has no floppy disk drive or CD-ROM.

Included in the Anabelle Bits thin client will be DMI, Magic Packet and Intel's LanDesk man-ager. Expected entry-level price will be $1500.

Over at Tektronix, that company is readying its NC200 series of network computers designed to provide full, low-cost access to any data.

Entry-level pricing will be $995.

Anabelle Bits

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