Creative blasts into monitor market

Creative blasts into monitor market


King of the sound card, Creative Pacific, has moved into the PC monitor business. The first two models are a 15" and a 17" retailing for $799 and $1,499. Creative's mar/com manager Nick Angelucci told Australian Reseller News that they were aimed at the top end of the market, though at a better price. The monitors are Plug-and-Play and Energy Star compliant. Warranty is 12-month return to base or via resellers.

Creative is also expected to be readying a $399 28.8K modem for release. Unlike the monitors, it will be sourced from Creative's parent in Singapore. Phone Blaster is a more expensive modem which includes voice hardware and software, making it suitable for using a PC as a complete multi-mailbox answering and fax-on-demand system, said Angelucci. RRP is $649.

Creative currently distributes products through Tech Pacific and many smaller companies around Australia. In addition, it has started supplying resellers directly.

Creative Pacific

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