Entrepreneur: for the ruthless at heart

Entrepreneur: for the ruthless at heart

'The most ruthless strategy game ever!'

This isn't a business simulation game - it's a game of corporate strategy where players are thown into a realistic cutthroat business world and forced (as CEO of their own corporations) to battle to build their companies in the pursuit of one ultimate goal: to dominate the world!

As CEO gamers get to hire and fire people at their leisure, explore and plunder new territory, build within enemy camps, turn government against enemies, and manipulate the minds of consumers into thinking the company's products are the best. All is fair in the battle to make the company number one. Players win the game when their company has achieved a monopolistic status.

Gamers can also visit Stargate Strategy's Web site at to play or chat with fellow Entrepreneur players from around the world.

It's full of treachery, trickery and deceit. And boy is it fun!

Platform: Windows 95, NT or OS/2 Warp 4

Genre: Business/corporate warfare

Price: $79Ð$89 ESP

Publisher: Stardock Strategy

Frankson Information Management

Tel (02) 9402 5006 Fax (02) 9402 5007


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