A tick from C-tick needed

A tick from C-tick needed


A tick from C-tick needed

By John Costello

SYDNEY - Suppliers of PCs and any other IT equipment should be aware of the need to conform with C-tick requirements, an EMC framework designed to reduce emissions from electrical and electronic products. Compliance becomes mandatory on August 18 and will be enforced by the Federal Government's Spectrum Management Agency.

While most distributors are working diligently to make sure equipment supplied by them meets compliance, there are fears that the magnitude of the task may mean some won't meet the deadline.

Glenn Jones, marketing manager at Lan 1, said his company was making sure equipment it sells meets the C-tick compliance spec. "Because we have a fairly narrow product range, the job is easy," said Jones.

For others, though, the task is not so simple. Jones commented that, "if the products are to be sold as retail items, regardless of the product, they require C-tick compliance."

This means that if you sell an upgrade hard drive through a dealer it requires certification. If you sell a motherboard as an upgrade to an existing system it also requires certification.

"Some dealers are labouring under the misapprehension that if we provide them with C-tick goods their PCs will comply. This is most definitely wrong," said Jones.

At Tech Pacific, a spokesperson said the company was working closely with manufacturers to meet the C-tick compliance which "can become very complicated".

C-tick certification covers electromagnetic interference and harmonic distortion caused by devices.

"The device needs to comply with the European standard commonly known as CE," said Jones. "The US FCC Class A/B is not good enough.

"Whenever a PC assembler uses components in a system, the complete system must have C-tick compliance," he explained. "It's not a matter of taking a C-tick compliant mainboard, a C-tick compliant video adapter, a C-tick compliant hard drive and assuming it's a C-tick compliant PC.

Resellers should also be aware of the A-tick standard for equipment that is connected to the public phone network.

"The public safety criteria TS001 (Australian standard) is there because higher voltages are used on Australian telephone lines in rural districts," said Jones.

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