The Norton-Packard Administrator

The Norton-Packard Administrator

Hewlett-Packard has released the HP OpenView Desktop Administrator, which used to be Norton Administrator, before HP acquired it from Symantec early this year. HP claims to have beefed the product up to support the enterprise, mesh in tightly with OpenView consoles, and allow easy asset management and software upgrade rollouts across the intranet or Internet.

HP has also released HP OpenView Exposé, which can manage Windows NT, NetWare and Vines servers, as well as the peripherals attached to those networks, such as an uninterrupted power supply (UPS).

The product manages the most popular Web servers on these networks as well.

HP is working with firewall vendors, and has already signed up Raptor Systems, to allow its OpenView platform to manage through and beyond a firewall.

Why would you do this?

Sitting behind it

Well, an increasingly common scenario is the deployment of firewalls internally to protect sensitive financial systems. As soon as these firewalls go up, the IT branch can't manage the computers sitting behind it.

HP plans to extend OpenView to allow secure management through the firewall, although none of the vendors are yet keen to allow the actual firewall to be managed by a third party.

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