Wireless on a budget with Labtec

Wireless on a budget with Labtec

Labtec has launched a new wireless keyboard and mouse combination that costs less than $100. The silver and black Labtec Wireless Desktop multimedia keyboard has a built-in palm rest and maintains a radio link with a computer at a distance of two metres. Each keystroke is sent to the receiver multiple times in separately labelled data packets and once a stroke is registered any subsequent packets are ignored. Measuring 22cm x 46cm, the keyboard also creates an individual link with the receiver, randomly choosing one of more than 250 codes as a security measure. The 12.5cm x 6.8cm mouse has an ambidextrous design that features three buttons and a scroll wheel. A small red LED (light emitting diode) on the keyboard and mouse flashes each time a key is pressed or the mouse is moved to confirm that a message has been sent and a corresponding green light flashes on the receiver as information is received.

Available now through Tech Pac and BJE, the Labtec Wireless Desktop comes with a full two-year warranty. Recommended Retail Price (RRP): $99.

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