WebOutfitter comes to PIII's rescue

WebOutfitter comes to PIII's rescue

After all the hype about the benefits of the new Pentium III processor, resellers needed evidence to show how it was a better mousetrap.

Launched a month after the new chip, WebOutfitter, Intel's Web-based service that promotes the claimed virtues of a Pentium III processor-based system and a "better Internet experience", has now added a second theme to its repertoire.

The music theme follows the launch of the service in March and has resulted from working with a number of top music industry players worldwide to provide music fans with a location to experience, interact with, purchase and explore music on their (PIII powered) PCs.

As a means of demonstrating the difference that the 70-odd new instructions incorporated into the PIII make, the service is intended to provide users with affirmation of their purchase as well as tools that make use of the technology. With Web sites being branded with the phrase "Optimised for Pentium III", this provides a method of product differentiation for resellers - especially in the retail/consumer space - to convince their customer that it IS worthwhile buying the new processor. Intel Australia's Internet marketing manager, Kate Burleigh, described the program as a "tangible benefit of owning a Pentium III system".

And so far, more than 400 sales staff at most of the major retailers have had training in how to use the WebOutfitter service as a very powerful selling tool.

According to Andrew McLean, retail reseller marketing manager for Intel Australia, the program is intended to incorporate local content from each of the countries in which it is being rolled out. In Australia, the first country outside the US to participate, Intel has worked with Web site developers Indigenous Australia and ChaosMusic to produce what it claims is an "unparalleled experience and preview of the future of online music in Australia".

Indigenous Australia is described as an interactive experience that takes viewers into the realms of one of the world's most unique musical instruments, the didgeridoo. The site is designed and fully optimised for the Intel Pentium III processor and driven by Flash animation. The Indigenous Australia site also includes free MP3 samples of some of Indigenous Australia's top artists, including the world's foremost didgeridoo player, David Hudson.

ChaosMusic is said to be Australia's fastest-growing online music store. Working with Intel Australia, ChaosMusic has created a showcase of Australian artists for Intel WebOutfitter Service members.

Intel's WebOutfitter Service members can also install the latest software and plug-ins that maximise the Pentium III processor's Internet capabilities via a free Intel WebOutfitter Tool Kit on CD.

Any resellers with a demonstration PIII-based system can register on the service and use the links to the optimised sites.

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