Linking database marketing to warranty service

Linking database marketing to warranty service

Link Telecommunications is offering a service to assist businesses in keep- ing track of their client base through warranty registrations.

Through the Warranty Line call handling service, a business' customers phone Link's national call centre and leave their warranty registration details. If the business wishes, three market research questions can also be asked when the customer calls in.

The information is then delivered electronically in a flat asci file, via e-mail. Link's communications and marketing manager, Vicki Goodwin, described this as a big benefit of the service.

"Data entry is costly, time consuming, and a pain in the butt," Goodwin said. "The fact that Link can do it, send it electronically, and the data can be manipulated in the customer's database makes it so easy and cheap," she said.

The warranty registration service may be downloaded weekly, and so provide an up-to-date picture of sales and customer buying patterns, in addition to a reliable database of warranty registrations, Goodwin said.

"It has obviously got a bottom line benefit for organisations where warranty information capturing is so important," Goodwin said. "In many instances they are forced to honour warranties that they really have no idea whether they've been registered or not. That has huge cost implications."

An average company, Goodwin said, would get about 15 per cent of their warranties returned. The company's faulty products may be about 8 per cent of the annual turnover so without good records of registered warranties, the company may be forced to honour unregistered warranties.

The cost of the Warranty Line call handling service depends on the volume of calls per month. A mid-range price is $2.50 per call for 10,000 calls in a month. Scaling of cost does take effect, so the less calls per month the more expensive the service is.

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