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BIZTel, a PC firmware development and distribution company, focuses on the data communications markets - communication software, SCSI hardware and high-performance peripherals. Resellers can join the BIZTel reseller program via an online registration form and read up on the products BIZTel distributes and develops. BIZTel Mail/32 is an e-mail program for Windows 95 and NT, locally developed by BIZTel. An evaluation copy can be downloaded from the site and can be made fully functional by ordering a licence key.

Performance Sales

Sydney-based Performance Sales distributes software from Caere, programs including OmniPage OCR, OmniForm Electronic Forms and PageKeeper. Performance Sales also distributes Cardiff Software's TeleForm, ICR and forms processing software, information on which can be found at the site.

A support page is maintained at which contains FAQs, patch files and scanner drivers, files to download, information on how to set up specific scanners, problems relating to software and how to overcome them.

Idea Media

Idea Media is a Queensland distributor of mainly digital video products including those from Pioneer, Iomega, Ubisoft, miro, Casio . . . the list goes on.

To get a user ID and password, call Idea Media on (07) 3217 2077 or fill in the form at

IT Web sites directory

4Tek Seek!

4Tek Seek! is a search engine specifically and only, for IT related sites. It was established in February this year, merely as a past time for Simon Clausen of Adelaide-based Protocol Engineering. However, in July it went through an overhaul. The site now has in addition to the search engine - a downloads page and help desk bulletin board.

Companies may submit their Web site's URL without charge but they must be IT related, and are checked! The URL database has categories including hardware, business, training, and system manufacturers.

A part of Protocol Engineering's site rather than 4Tek Seek!, the beta help desk message page at allows visitors to post messages relating to technical difficulties and to respond to others.

Surprisingly, the greatest number of hits for 4Tek Seek! are coming from the US, with Germany and Canada following and Australia fourth.

Don't say the 'b' word

Microsoft Spin Dictionary

You thought "bug" was an insect. Well, it's also a dirty word when Mr Gates is your boss, as the Microsoft Spin Dictionary explains . . .

YODA (not of Star Wars fame but "Your Office Devil's Advocate") has taken on the impossible task of translating Microsoft-speak.

As a columnist for the Woody's Office Watch (a free weekly e-mail newsletter for Microsoft users), YODA has compiled an "irreverent" glossary of Microsoft terms and their "true" meanings.

Readers of Woody's Office Watch, both Microsoft customers and Microsoft staff, have contributed to the dictionary which will be updated regularly.

Not authorised by Microsoft "that's what makes it so useful!" the press release says.

Who needs the CES when you've got . . .

Job hunters and employers are brought together via, a free online service sponsored by software company Sprint.

Employers may place job advertisements online, to be posted on the job vacancies page. Additionally they may use a matchmaking service which scans the job applicants database every 24 hours for appropriate matches to job advertisements, a free service once again.

Individuals seeking jobs may submit their details via the Resume Builder, for potential employers to view.

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