Novell set to ship BorderManager

Novell set to ship BorderManager

Novell is to begin shipping its BorderManager Internet services package this week.

BorderManager integrates a proxy cache for storing frequently accessed information locally; advanced firewall security; protocol gateways that convert IPX addresses to IP and intranet IP addresses to Internet IP; virtual private network service to encrypt data; and a run-time version of IntranetWare.

The product is designed to accommodate distributed groups of thousands of workers, or as few as five connections.

Because it is integrated with a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol directory - Novell Directory Services - BorderManager gives users a single log-in point and gives network managers a single point of administration.

"BorderManager allows you to connect routinely to one server in California and if you go to New York, you connect to a server there and the same services follow you," said product manager Patrick Harr.

New in the final version: any Web browser can be used to enter the system for authentication, not just the Client32 front end, Harr said.

The product ships with Netscape Navigator 3.01.

People are people

"This sets us apart. People are people, not IP addresses," Harr said.

While Microsoft and Netscape battle for control of the Web client and server markets, Novell is aiming to provide the middle-layer services that let users extend internal and intranet applications to the Internet in a secure, scalable, and easily managed way.

Analysts said BorderManager, though late to the market, gives Novell a lead in the business of secure Internet services for medium and large companies.

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