Microsoft to detail Java plans

Microsoft to detail Java plans

Microsoft last week at Internet World in the US unveiled Java tools and technologies designed to more closely wed Windows and the object-oriented programming language. Microsoft also detailed its Visual J++ 6.0 upgrade, according to sources close to the software behemoth.

The company also previewed so-called Windows Foundation Classes, client- and server-side Java class libraries, that will replace the current client-side Application Foundation Classes (AFCs) and the company's planned Enterprise AFCs, according to the sources.

The VJ++ upgrade sports a Visual Basic- like front end with such ease-of-use features as IntelliSense code-completion, and includes tighter links to the Windows operating system. According to sources, the Microsoft Java tool upgrade still purportedly allows developers to generate cross-platform Java applications.

The sources noted, however, that Sun Micro-systems' own Java Development Kit 1.2 also provides hooks to specific operating systems, counter to some of Sun's rhetoric about OS-neutrality.

Visual J++ 6.0 is slated to enter beta testing in April.

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