Coupon trial meets with success

Coupon trial meets with success

When diagramming and technical drawing developer Visio International included a coupon for trial software in a Microsoft sales partner magazine it expected perhaps 100 expressions of interest at most.

What it got was over 2500 replies - almost 10 per cent of the publication's circulation.

Visio's business development man-ager, Angus Robinson, said the coupon invited individual developers and sales people to become partners of Visio as well as Microsoft.

"We told them about the product and we offered free NFR CDs for them to use for themselves, to help them sell the product and become aware of what the product was," said Robinson.

While blown away with the sheer response, Robinson said he was also impressed by the quality of the respondents. "We were worried that it would be a lot of small resellers only, but we've had people from Unisys, Wang and EDS on the list."

The interest generated has had a direct impact on the number of Visio resellers.

"We got a sales report from Tech Pacific, that shows the amount of resellers that are buying and what they are buying, and that has increased dramatically," said Robinson. "They're not buying huge quantities, but the reseller list has grown from around 50 to 120 within a month or two."

The promotion closed on June 30, with the CDs sent out in mid July.

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