The sub $1500 PC is here - at last

The sub $1500 PC is here - at last

The end buyers knew it had to happen, it was a matter of when - a fully configured PC for under $1500. Busiquip, a retail chain, has a special offer of a genuine Intel Pentium 200 MMX-based system for $1399.

For that amount buyers get 16Mb of RAM, 2.1Gb hard drive, x 24 CD-ROM and bundled software plus a 33.6kbit/sec fax/voice modem and connection to the Internet for 30 days.

With five stores scattered around Sydney's suburbs, Busiquip said the offer was expected to last about one week.

"We've been swamped with enquiries since we ran advertisements in local papers," said Fred Rahmani, managing director of Busiquip.

He said the reason the company was able to offer such a deal was shrewd buying of components and an excellent reputation it had built up with suppliers over the nine years it had been in business.

For the magic $1999 price, Busiquip is selling a 200MMX system with 32Mb, 3.2Gb hard drive and a Canon colour inkjet printer.

Not far behind Busiquip is Dick Smith Electronics with a fully configured name brand (Mitac) PC at $1599. The configuration includes 16Mb by 2.1Gb by x 20 CD and software.


Tel (02) 9660 7700

Fax (02) 9660 7711

Dick Smith Electronics

Tel (02) 9937 3200

Fax (02) 9888 3631

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