Open Market: making life a little easier

Open Market: making life a little easier

US-based electronic commerce developer Open Market, has released an indus-trial cataloguing program which is claimed to eliminate the need to "hand-craft" Web sites.

Regional sales director Paul Bunn says there are no comparable products to LiveCommerce on the market at the moment. "If you were to compare it to other toolsets on the market like Netscape or Microsoft - which are the common ones - they're not a catalogue, but a toolset you build a Web site with," he said.

Bunn says the difference with LiveCommerce is that it is an industrial catalogue and a live system. That is, it draws Web pages directly from a database, rather than through HTML programming.

"It allows you to determine the style of the catalogue and populate it with data," said Bunn. "It's a very different approach to what people have been doing for the last few years which is handcrafting Web sites."

Having half a million items held in a LiveCommerce catalogue is not inconceivable, Bunn said. The view of the catalogue itself can also be personalised.

At $73,000, the program is aimed at corporates with 2000 or more items to catalogue. It's also cost effective, Bunn said - cheaper than employing five developers required to build a catalogue.

Open Market has already announced two sales of LiveCommerce since it was launched earlier this month.

Computer Integration Centre (CIC), a reseller and integrator of PCs and network products, was the first Australian company to adopt LiveCommerce.

ISP and commerce service provider (CSP) Jadco has also bought LiveCommerce and will resell the product to its business to business e-commerce clients.

Bunn said Open Market is still actively looking for more resellers to sell the new product.

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