Another missed deadline for DVD

Another missed deadline for DVD


Most PC manufacturers will miss the deadline for DVD-ROM this Christmas, making this the second time that the new technology has been delayed. DVD has been hailed as the successor to CD-ROM, capable of storing up to 4.7Gb and reading at speeds of over 1Mbit/sec.

Although manufacturers such as Dell Computer and Gateway 2000 have released DVD-ROM on high-end machines in the US, the technology is taking longer to become established elsewhere.

Aideen McCracken, product manager for desktop tools at Gateway 2000, says the European launch has been delayed "primarily because of lack of content". Hitachi launched a double-speed DVD-ROM drive in March, but Marketing Communications Controller Deborah Scott says there aren't sufficient quantities to put it into distribution yet. "All the products we've had, have gone to OEMs," she said. "But we're certainly hoping to have enough for the Christmas rush."

Joe Jura, storage analyst for Dataquest, is not too worried about the delay. "A lot of people forget how long it takes to build an infrastructure," he said.

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