Novell launches GroupWise 5.2 in bundle promo

Novell launches GroupWise 5.2 in bundle promo

In an attempt to snare a greater chunk of the SME market, Novell has launched the latest version of its messaging and collaboration product, GroupWise, in a bundle promotion.

A number of packages are now available, including upgrades for NetWare to IntranetWare, with GroupWise 5.2 for an extra $1 per node.

Three of Novell's Australian distributors, Sealcorp, Express Data and LAN Communications, are participating in the promotion, which ends on October 31.

"Generally our focus has been with the larger corporates and they have generally been the ones who've actually picked up this type of technology first," said Cliff Smith, Novell Australia's managing director.

"Smaller businesses have tended to stick with e-mail and haven't felt the need to be moving into a more sophisticated collaborative product. However, increasingly they are appreciating the need for that and the fact that it is now available with the Internet protocols, the browser and front end - it makes it a whole lot more attractive to a small to medium enterprise," Smith said.

GroupWise 5.2 now supports all of the major Internet protocols - "the whole Internet acronym" according to Mike Hall, director of market development for Novell's GroupWare division in the US.


If a user knows how to use e-mail or a browser, he said, they will be able to use GroupWise.

"With GroupWise we start with e-mail, which is a frame of reference that everybody understands, and then we easily expand e-mail to include powerful collaboration tools," Hall told Reseller News.

All of the collaboration tools including sharing information, document management, calendaring, scheduling, and task management, are held in the one interface, the "Universal Mailbox".

The Universal Mailbox may be accessed by the user over the Internet, by phone or by pager. GroupWise will even read (synthesise) e-mail and allow you to reply in .wav files.

"Novell's all about making sure you can be connected any time, any place and where you want to work," Hall said.

"Our goal is to provide the options of how somebody wants to work and the phone is a universal client. No matter where you go around the world you can pick up a phone. I can have documents faxed to my hotel and my calendar update me on my next appointment."

A Macintosh client, and Unix server and client have also been released with the new version of GroupWise.


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