Netgear's man launches Netgear Man

Netgear's man launches Netgear Man

SYDNEY - After a confused start to its low-end operation, Bay Networks has refocused on its Netgear product line with the appointment of Ian McLean as dedicated sales and marketing manager, and a commitment to branding the product line.

Aimed at the SOHO market, Netgear com- prises a line of unmanaged twisted pair hubs and switches.

National distribution is being handled by Express Data with specialist distributors working on a regional basis.

Bay Networks first started to push the Netgear line through retailers, but that changed with a decision to set up a reseller channel.

"It was essential we set up the distribution channel for resellers first," said McLean.

"Then it's a matter of generating recognition among end users," he said.

This will be done with an advertising campaign based on the figure of the Netgear man.

"With the channel established, I'll be talking to the major retailers," McLean said.

"The key difference for the SOHO market is price and we are sure we can beat the market in that area," he said.

Prior to joining Bay Networks, McLean was with Netcomm where he set up the company's WA operations and oversaw the launch of the Avtek product line.


The RRP for a Netgear four-port 10Mbit/sec twisted pair hub is $119. A 100Mbit/sec version has an RRP of $399.

"The way I see the market going is for up to five ports going through mass merchants and retailers," said McLean.

"For between five and 25 ports buyers will go through general dealers and resellers and for 25 ports through specialist network resellers."

Bay Networks

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