Rockwell rocking 'n' rolling in the channel

Rockwell rocking 'n' rolling in the channel

Rockwell Semi-conductor Systems has woken up to the fact that while about 70,000 pieces of IT equipment sold in Australia each month carry one of its chipsets, hardly anyone knows who it is. The chipmaker is planning a major campaign to brand that equipment.

Key to the campaign has been the appointment of a channels marketing manager, Tony Miller, to work with major distributors, retailers and ISPs in raising the awareness of Rockwell.

Howard Hathaway, managing director of Rockwell Australia, said, "Rockwell's chip set powers about 80 per cent of the world market for modems and faxes. The modem might come from Banksia or a mass producer in Taiwan but the chances are it will have a Rockwell chip set inside."

Rockwell people will also work in retail outlets to explain the advantages of 56Kbit/sec modems - those based on Rockwell's K56flex technology.

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