SCO enters network computing fray

SCO enters network computing fray

The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) has joined the band of vendors playing the network computing game with the recent launch of its Tarantella middleware software.

The vendor described Tarantella as "the world's first application broker software for network computing". SCO claims the software allows existing business-critical applications on mainframes, Unix and Windows NT servers to be delivered to any Java-enabled client running on Windows PCs, Unix workstations or Macintoshes, without the need for software to be rewritten or replaced.

Tarantella occupies a neutral, middle-tier position in the IT infrastructure, making it independent of both applications and clients.

It also offers centralised management of users and added security. The only client requirement is the inclusion of a Java virtual machine which connects to Tarantella's Webtop user interface. The interface can be accessed from anywhere in the world, enabling users to transport their environment or profile in the form of a Web address.

SCO has also developed the Adaptive Internet Protocol (AIP), which employs heuristics to determine the type of device and network connection used, thereby optimising Tarantella's performance over complex network routes and varying bandwidths.

Emulation is carried out on the server with only display and keyboard information sent over the network to the client.

Tarantella will begin shipping on SCO's UnixWare and Sun Microsystems' Sparc Solaris operating systems this month.

Other Unix and Windows NT platforms will be made available early next year. Pricing for the Tarantella software ranges from $590 RRP per user for 1-9 users to $300 RRP per user for 500+ users.


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