Sun loses round in ISO process

Sun loses round in ISO process

The US Delegation of the International Standards Organisation has voted against Sun Microsystems' application to take charge of standards efforts on Java.

Apple, Unisys, Hewlett-Packard, and Digital were among those that blocked the motion, according to a memo about the vote. Those in favour included IBM and Motorola.


So far, the US delegation has been the only one to vote against Sun's standards control of Java. The international vote goes by a simple majority with one vote per country.

"The ISO has stated that a simple majority will decide the matter," one Sun representative said. "So far six countries have voted in favour and only the US has voted against.

This means that Sun needs seven more of the ISO's 27 international member committee to get the motion passed to allow it to take charge of standards for Java. The deadline for the vote is November 14.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is spearheading the campaign to block Sun in its standards bid.

"Sun's proposal to have ISO endorse their proprietary technology is a brazen marketing stunt that risks significantly devaluing the entire international standards process," said Charles Fitzgerald, Microsoft's Internet platform program manager. "Sun either needs to go all the way and make Java a real open standard or admit it is proprietary."

"Users are frustrated about how much energy this whole standards issue is taking up," said John Rymer, director and senior consultant at Upstream Consulting, in Emeryville. "They want to know if Java is really platform independent, or able to scale."

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