Lotus unveils its answer to NC software

Lotus unveils its answer to NC software

Joining the TCO brigade, Lotus officially launched its NC software solution, eSuite, last week, as the first "complete set of business productivity applets" built for the network computing environment.

The eSuite family, previously dubbed Kona, will hit the shelves in the first quarter of next year sporting two products: eSuite WorkPlace, on the user side, and eSuite DevPack, for developers.eSuite WorkPlace, priced at $69 per user, was built in Java and will run on any Java Virtual Machine with a minimum of 32Mb of memory and a Pentium 66MHz processor.

The WorkPlace interface is centred around a home page with an integrated Web browser, file manager, and business productivity applets. The applets include a word processor (without a spell checker), e-mail, calendar, address book, presentation graphics, spreadsheet and chart.

The eSuite DevPack will include the tools necessary for developers to build applets for eSuite, pricing starting at $1995 for a single processor and $4895 for two to four processors.

With a notable absence of Microsoft, vendors have already pledged support - they include Sun Microsystems, Intel, Netscape, Novell, Oracle and IBM.

Lotus' parent company, IBM, will be shipping eSuite WorkPlace with its Network Station Series 1000 product line. The eSuite DevPack can be downloaded from

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