Now for the sales pitch!

Now for the sales pitch!

Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, is a regular at Comdex, and in the past has used the opportunity to introduce important new Microsoft technologies such as Windows 95 and, last year, Windows CE.

This year, he will talk about the vibrancy of the PC industry and demonstrate ways in which it has positively affected different sectors and individuals. He will also allude to the innovations that he believes will spur continued growth in the industry.

Topics on Compaq's agenda will include its new computing model that combines open standards-based computing with a horizontal market model and a new distribution model.

John Chambers, the talkative president and CEO of Cisco Systems, has targeted the internetworking king's latest love affair with the Internet and shown how a network-enabled model can save millions of dollars while also adding a competitive edge.

Novell's CEO Eric Schmidt will tap into the world of corporate networks, and the explosion of devices, applications, resources and services which rely on stable networking.

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