To find good training, do your homework first

To find good training, do your homework first

The rapid pace of technological change makes continuing training a must for anyone in IT. Trouble is, finding a class that meets your needs and is worth the cost can be as difficult as learning the material. Evaluating training is inherently subjective: a course that is perfect for one person may be a waste of time for another. Training professionals emphasise that before you sign up for any class, you need to do your homework. So you need to ask for detailed information that will help you get satisfactory answers to the following questions:

Student placement.

Does the training company place students in the right skill-level class?

Course content.

Is the course introductory or advanced?

Is it for technical specialists or managers?

Is the course taught effectively?

Course materials.

Do they complement the lecture and classactivities? Are they valuable after you leavethe course?

Teaching method.

What is the ratio of lecture to experientiallearning? Is the class well-organised?


Does the instructor convey enthusiasm? Knowthe subject? Help each student individually?

Is the class environment conducive to



Are the equipment and facilities adequate?

Class size.

What is the ratio of teachers to students?

Is the class worthwhile?

Overall value.

Is it worth the money and time?

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