Contested plan for new domain names moves ahead

Contested plan for new domain names moves ahead

A new Internet domain name system has moved closer to reality, as a domain name registrars' group selected a company to function as the system's registry operator. The Internet Council of Registrars (CORE) has chosen Emergent to develop and operate its proposed Internet domain name shared registry system. CORE, which comprises around 90 registrars selected under the interim Policy Oversight Committee's (iPOC's) memorandum of understanding on generic top-level domains, selected Emergent to oversee the proposed Internet domain names, which are .arts, .firm, .info, .nom, .rec, .store and .web.

Registrars would register users for the available domain names of their choice. Because the domain name records will be held in a database accessible to all the registrars, users unhappy with a given registrar's performance will be able to change registrars with relative ease, according to Emergent and CORE officials.

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