Resellers wanted at Interop

Resellers wanted at Interop

For the first time at next week's Networld+Interop trade show there will be a section devoted to bringing resellers and vendors together to talk business.

Under the banner of "Reseller Rendezvous", vendors and resellers will have an opportunity to generate new business and promote new alliances. First time vendors from overseas will also be looking for prospective resellers in Australia.

In addition to a central hospitality area, all vendors looking for reseller partners will be displaying a sign on their stands, provided by the organisers, saying "Resellers Wanted". Likewise, all resellers will be issued with badges saying "I'm a Reseller" to help vendors recognise them. Resellers, and vendors looking for resellers, will be identified in the program, and a list posted at the hospitality area.

Over 140 vendors will be exhibiting at Networld+Interop, and of those a total of 43 have indicated that they are actively seeking resellers (see list opposite).

Among the vendors hoping to enter the Australian market for the first time is RND/Radware. Part of the RAD group of companies, that develop, manufacture and market products in the networking industry, it has what it describes as a "visionary solution concept" for the Internet/intranet markets, and is seeking partners in Australia and New Zealand to build on its success in the US, Europe and Japan.

It has issued a release saying it wants to achieve a leadership position in Australia, and is therefore looking for partners already well positioned in this market.

Wandel & Golterman sells products in the data communications area, and has historically sold direct in Australia. It's using Reseller Rendezvous to seek channel partners to complement its direct model in certain geographical and market segments.

Other players

Esker is a player in the Web-to-host integration market, and recently entered the Australian market as a direct provider by buying its major distributor, Unitract. It is also committed to developing its products locally.

According to David Bilbow, Esker's managing director, "the Web-to-host connectivity market is expected to grow from $US5 million in 1996 to over $US1 billion by 2001. As you can imagine, this is an excellent opportunity for resellers. The growth has started and demand is high."

Banksia Technology already has a presence among resellers in Australia, but is hoping to expand its partnerships to support its small-to-medium business products including low-cost remote access devices and Internet devices such as the WebRamp M3.

Meet me at the Casbah

The following vendors will be seeking reseller partners at Networld + Interop:

One World Systems

Nick Verykios Tel (02) 9586 1111

Accton Technology

Patrick Li Tel (02) 9410 9860

ADC Telecommunications

Paul Forzisi Tel (02) 9975 1499

Alloy Computer Products

Karl Baker Tel (03) 9574 9891


Kimberley Klous Tel (02) 9262 2727

Auto-Trol Technology

Steve Hopkins Tel (02) 9923 2977

Banksia Technology/Dataplex

Sharon Fung Tel (02) 9424 2000

BMC Software

Karen Ferguson Tel (03) 9810 2010

Candle Corporation

Roger Davis Tel (02) 9954 1500

CCA Software

Ken Hunter Tel (03) 9416 3377

Citrix Systems

Paul Osborne Tel (02) 9950 0888


Maurice Farnularo Tel (02) 9417 7100

Digital Tape Solutions

David Davoren Tel (02) 9888 3488

Esker Australia

David Bilbow Tel (02) 9566 4333

Exide Electronics

Neil Ewen Tel (02) 9972 7733

GN Nettest

Stephen Rayner Tel (03) 9890 6677

Integrity Data Systems

Ross Chiswell Tel (08) 9409 1011


Mark Hacker Tel (02) 9388 7187

Knowledge By Design

William Salame Tel (02) 9212 1399


Manda O'Donnell Tel (03) 3629 3800


Glenn Jones Tel (02) 9319 6411

Lidcam Technology

Julia Schwartz Tel (03) 9820 9077

Liebert Corp

Chris Mandahl Tel (02) 9743 8555

Loop Telecom International

Jack Imber Tel (0011 561) 627 7947


Scott Johnson Tel (03) 9874 3533


Drew Mitchell Tel (02) 9926 1455

Namlea Data Systems

Kate Strang Tel (02) 9439 6966

Novell Tel (02) 9925 3822

Oracle Tel 1800 025 855

Pixel Productions

Graeme Taylor Tel (03) 9727 0111

Progress Software

Julie Braithwaite Tel (02) 9498 7555


Richard Nixon Tel (02) 9519 4877

RND Networks/Radware

Yaron Danieli (

Rosser Communications

Tim Rosser Tel (02) 9418 2544

Seagate Software

Katherine Hartman Tel (02) 9955 4088


Donna Blackler Tel (02) 9698 2322

Stallion Technologies

Richard Fay Tel (07) 3270 4242

SVEC Computer

Tiffany Chang Tel (02) 9748 8811


Tel (02) 9888 0100

Trend Micro Australia

Kenny Liao Tel (02) 9959 1970


Cathy Francone Tel (02) 9281 3155

Wandel & Goltermann

Stephen Foden Tel (03) 9690 6700


Wendy Powell Tel (0011 1 206) 217 7100

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