Networking briefs

Networking briefs

Thin clients make a big splash

As expected, loads of Windows-based terminals and thin clients were on the first day of the Comdex computer trade show last week.

Many of the terminal vendors were located in the Microsoft Partners Pavilion, running the multiuser Windows NT beta, Hydra, from a variety of servers.

There were few surprises in the thin-client announcements. But there were a number of late additions:

Neoware Systems, formerly HDS Network Systems, announced its line of PowerPC-based Web-based terminals, called the NeoStation 200 series.

Network Computing Devices is claiming a tighter alliance with Microsoft than other vendors, boasting that it is the first thin-client manufacturer to demonstrate its Microsoft Windows-based terminal, which seems to be the new official name of the device.

Wyse Technology threw its chip on the table with its new thin client, code-named Elite. The company is dubbing the product an "intranet terminal" and focusing on its emulation capabilities. In addition, the Windows-terminal maker previewed a low-cost, thin-client device, code-named Scott.

New, stackable fast ethernet from D-LinkD-Link has released a new range of Fast Ethernet hubs conforming to the IEEE 802.3u 100Base-T specifications. Available in 8- and 16-port unmanaged units, and 12- and 16-port SNMP enabled units, the hubs can be stacked to appear as a single repeater to the network.

The higher speed of 100Base-T normally restricts networks to two repeater counts, making Fast Ethernet harder to deploy in large seat-count networks than the slower, and more forgiving 10Base-T, without resorting to a chassis based modular hub. D-Link's stacking feature neatly sidesteps this constraint and also provides a built-in uplink function to connect two stacks together. Prices, including sales tax, start at $928 for the unmanaged 8-port, and go up to $2787 for the SNMP 16-port model.


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