The bug report: Go Web, systems management

The bug report: Go Web, systems management

Lotus Development's Go Web

If you are upgrading to the Notes 4.6 version of Domino Go Web Server, you may find that you have two installations of the server on your computer. This is because Lotus changed the name of the program with this version, and instead of the 4.6 version overwriting the earlier installation, it will be installed alongside it. Lotus suggests you install the pre-4.6 copy of Internet Connection Secure Server before you install Domino Go.

Microsoft's Systems Management

With Server With Systems Management Server 1.2, if you are using RSERVICE.EXE in a master domain mode, you may get the error message "Error 5 Access denied". Microsoft says this will happen if you run RSERVICE on a Windows NT computer that is a member of one resource domain, and your target computer is in a different resource domain. To avoid this, make sure you are in the same resource domain as your target when you run RSERVICE.

Novell's Client

Novell has identified a data corruption problem with its Client32 2.2 for Windows 95 when it is used to open up a large number of DOS files with Microsoft's FoxPro for DOS. If you use a FoxPro application that opens up more than 170 files, you are at risk of corrupting your databases. Novell must totally redesign the client, which it plans to do in the next release, in order to fix this problem.

VeriSign Test Certificates

Test Certificates from VeriSign do not work with the Sun Java Web Server 1.03, because of an incompatibility between the Java Development Kit and the VeriSign Test Certification Authority.

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