SunSoft going hard for Wintel as well as SPARC/Solaris

SunSoft going hard for Wintel as well as SPARC/Solaris

Bidding for a greater mindshare in the channel and admitting Microsoft owns the desktop, Sun's software arm, SunSoft, is promoting software tools that support Windows 95 and NT as well as its Unix-based Solaris.

Moreover, the company is also supporting Intel's hardware platform as well as Sun's own SPARC hardware.

"Sun has tried to penetrate the desktop with Unix," said Gerard van Goor, channels manager for SunSoft Pacific.

"But we recognise that Microsoft has the market as far as the desktop is concerned."

However - and not surprisingly - SunSoft is heavily promoting Sun's Java as the next desktop environment.

"We see Java as the next generation operating environment for the desktop. It will be pervasive - loaded into whitegoods, for example, for remote diagnostics." SunSoft is promoting a series of software tools - the WorkShop series - that will allow the creation of Web-based applications.

The promotion relies on pitching heavily to resellers that develop and sell packaged solutions and network management tools.

"The initial push is to have resellers certified," said van Goor. He added that the company was "committed to training".

"SunSoft covers accommodation - the resellers just have to get here."

The most recent training course drew 125 resellers from the Asia-Pacific region as well as central and south America.


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