Intel buys into Java platform wars

Intel buys into Java platform wars

Java's great promise for software develop-ers is freedom from platform considerations: write your code once, deploy it anywhere there's a Java compiler. That promise is being assaulted on a number of fronts, not the least of which is vendors positioning their hardware or operating systems as better Java solutions than their competitors'.

Intel has begun licensing a set of tools to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) designed to optimise multimedia Java apps for Intel hardware. Called the Intel Simple Video Bean for Java, Intel Spatial Audio for Java and Intel animation for Java, the framework includes JavaBeans components for video, 3D surround sound and animation.

Collectively, they form Intel's Media Frame-work for Java (MFJ).

Intel's MFJ is an implementation of the Java Media Framework, developed by Intel, Silicon Graphics and JavaSoft. It allows Java applets containing audio and video media to run natively on the Intel platform, and supports .AVI, .WAV, .MOV, .AU and .MPEG formats.

"We were one of the first licensees of Sun's Java specification in 1995," said Barbara Dawson, director of software strategies for Intel's desktop division. "We develop Java technology, optimise it for the Intel platform, and then either give that technology to JavaSoft or to one of the many Java ISVs working on the Intel platform."

Licensing is currently free, although that could change in the future, according to Intel. MFJ is available either as an SDK or as a run-time.

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