MUA introduces premier support

MUA introduces premier support

SCO customers now have access to a higher level of support at the Premier Support Centre (PSC), which was opened by the MUA Group early last month.

MUA managing director Paul McQuarrie said the service was introduced in response to the need for quality support.

"With users increasingly choosing the SCO platform for their business-critical applications, quality support at the PSC level is becoming vital. The PCO offers the highest level of SCO-capable service in Australia," McQuarrie said.

MUA's appointment as a PSC is in line with SCO's aim to increase local support infrastructure for its products and services. SCO, the world's leading supplier of Unix server systems, developed the program to provide a higher level of service to both the channel and end users.

Using the PSC, customers pay for a block of time in advance. New customers can sign up for the PSC at the point-of-sale, while existing customers can contact MUA to join the service.

McQuarrie said it took two years to plan the service and estimated that the cost of establishing the centre was "hundreds of thousands of dollars". That investment seems certain to pay off for MUA.

"I'd say we'd make somewhere between half a million and $1 million in revenue in the first year," McQuarrie said.


Tel (02) 9928 5111

Fax (02) 9436 0185

SCO Premier Support Centre: 1300 366 595

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