Claude Neon step into MUA's bright lights

Claude Neon step into MUA's bright lights

It seems that the hunt for a good bargain isn't limited to the Saturday shopper. Claude Neon, one of Australia's largest signage companies, has just completed its search for a virtual private networking system and landed upon the services of MUAnet.

Having survived on a slow, serial-based network for many years, Claude Neon decided that MUA's Networking Services was ideal for its need of faster, easier and more expansive access to the company's existing Unix system.

What attracted the signage experts to MUA's stable, was value, flexibility and performance - according to Simon Townrow, Claude Neon's MIS manager.

"We were impressed with MUA's service," he said.

The killer punch that finally got it on board was MUA's waving of an industry standard $10,000Ð$15,000 installation fee.

It is no wonder that Townrow is happy. Claude Neon's old internal data network, on which a national business was run, operated at a speed of 2.4-9.6Kbps. On the new system, its link has upgraded its speed to 16Ð32Kbps.

This has proved ideal for Claude Neon, providing access to its Unix system as well as a speedy national e-mail service, effective file sharing and networking.

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