Harris Technology hits pay dirt

Harris Technology hits pay dirt

The start of the year can generally be a lethargic month for business. There are some however, like Sydney-based reseller Harris Technology, which has found January a record-breaking month.

Now one of the biggest online resellers, Harris Technology is using its Web site to rack up previously unseen Internet sales figures. In the past month of January, Harris Technology has secured approximately $250,000 worth of sales, easily passing its previous record of $133,000 in December of 1997.

Indeed, in most months of 1997 sales figures topped the $100,000 mark and the yearly total was over $1 million. For director Ron Harris, the dramatic upturn in business has him very excited about the future.

"It has actually caught me off-guard a bit," he said. "We did $1 million last year, but this year I'd say we'll do $3 million, and then $6 million the next."

So what is behind these amazing numbers? Harris Technology went live online in 1996 with full ordering facilities. It stocks over 30,000 products on the site at any one time, updating regularly from a database of around 44,000 products. Electronically importing the latest products and information continually from its distributors, Harris claims to have all the latest and up-to-date pricing, availability, shipping and client order history always available on their site.

Some of the industry's largest distributors and vendors now harness Harris's ever-growing popularity, including Tech Pacific, Express Data, Dataflow and IBM.

Harris believes the success cannot be attributed only to online activity, but values the worth of an associated print media campaign, and person-to-person contact (Harris Technology receives up to 800 phone calls daily).

His advice to other distributors and resellers wishing to emulate his rapid success: "Your Web site has to be driven from a live database. But most importantly it has to have credibility in terms of product availability and information, and it has to be fast."

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