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Compsys Australia

DO YOU Want to put your business online but are not sure how to do it? Software developer Compsys Australia has created a product that makes online commerce a breeze. IntrOrdr is a product catalogue and ordering solution for the Internet or an intranet. The frames-based program makes it easy for users to enter product and pricing information. The information is immediately updated on the Web to save users from having to upload the information every time something changes.

IntrOrder can automatically link products to images, video, sound, presentations or manufacturers' Web sites. Compsys believes it will open doors for online commerce, particularly for the techno-shy.

Online help is included with the product and the system is simple to use. There are three levels of security to manage access to the system, from guest to administrator.

For a closer look at IntrOrder, there's a full preview of the product at Compsys' Web site: is currently looking for resellers for IntrOrder and their other products.


Digital recently created an all-in-one Web site, combining its previous three sites into one. They say they've created a "one stop shop" for Digital customers and resellers, claiming users need no more than four mouse clicks to find specific information. Accredited Digital business partners can register online for access to the reseller section, which is part of the site has a number of services. Resellers can issue product enquiries, order and read Digital literature and check the status of orders. An online order function will be in place later in the year. There is online support for Digital's Mobile Quoting Tool, which is updated weekly. Users can send in a registration request for the service at Resellers also have access to Digital's latest price list in Excel format. There is a comprehensive search function using Digital's Alta Vista which covers Digital's US site as well as the Australian one.

Users can also access Digital's online calendar and book into training courses and events. There's a live chat room that hosts technical and sales discussions. The site is based on Lotus Domino and Notes for its internal document control. It runs on six Digital Prioris ZX 6200 servers with four processors and Windows NT as the operating system.

Upsonic Power Supply

It's a new year and a whole new Web site for Upsonic. The new site went live last Wednesday (Jan 28). It now offers a separate section for registered resellers.

Access to the dealer section requires a user name and password. You can register for access at Once inside the section, users are privy to a whole bunch of "Reseller Resources". Navigation of this section is via a drop-down menu at the top of the page.

The reseller section of the site has current price lists, contact information and a number of downloads. There's also a page titled "The Problem with Power", which has a graphical overview of electrical disturbances. The reseller area also features Upsonic's complete product catalogues, with detailed information about each item.

Back in the main section of the site, the page of FAQs should help you get over minor problems, while the Technical Support page guides users to the best place to find help. Upsonic has access to the US database from the Systems Enhancement Corporation.

The Sales page does facilitate online orders, however authorised resellers and tax-exempt clients must fax their orders directly to Upsonic using the order form on the site. Upsonic says the turn-around time for online orders is 24 hours from receipt.

Prion Technology

Prion Technology's rejuvenated site has a logical and simple design with a secure section for resellers. It has bundles of information for resellers, including vendor promotions, reseller training and vendor links. Prion says online ordering will be available at any tick of the clock. Meanwhile, up to one week of closed orders and all current orders are on the system and their status can be tracked online. There is also some interesting information about Prion's efforts, with the World Wildlife Fund, to help protect breeding colonies of the Fairy Prion - an endangered seabird. Prion's site is powered by Financial Exchange, an Interworld server. All Prion customers have access to the reseller section of the Web site. To get your password, send an e-mail to conneXions is a national distributor of systems, network and software products. Navigation of the site is through a pull-down menu at the top of the home page. The site has two boons for resellers - online pricing and a back order status inquiry. Back orders are updated twice daily, allowing resellers to track their progress. The "Reseller Pages" also have recent faxes from itX. Register for online access to the Reseller pages at Surfing is edited by Ellen Cresswell. If you have a Web site you'd like to see in a future edition of Reseller News, please contact her on (02) 9902 2777.


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