Seagate Software cast off in Australia

Seagate Software cast off in Australia

Sydney-based Seagate Software operates in one of the most underwhelming fields of software: network storage and management. Add to that the fact it only landed in Australia last year, and it makes for a pretty daunting assignment to attract customer attention.

But for a number of reasons, Greg Wyman, regional manager for Seagate Software Network and Storage Management Group, is confident about the vendor's prospects in the coming year.

He says Seagate intends to capitalise locally on its 52 per cent stranglehold on the worldwide NT storage solutions market and promote the fact that all Microsoft Windows NT solutions have standardised on its Backup Exec software.

But the fact remains: storage is boring, and Wyman is the first to acknowledge it. The problem that Seagate Software unreservedly pin-points as its nemesis is the lack of awareness about the importance of storage.

"The reality is, if you crash and lose all your data- you're out of business," said Wyman.

"What we need to do is educate the resellers and end users about the vital importance of backing-up."

Wyman sees the willingness of the Australian market to implement storage and management solutions as dangerously low, and his immediate role is to reverse that trend.

The good news for resellers is that Seagate Software is now heavily investing in an extensive technical support and education program, including training and sales support for resellers.

So far only a small team of ACA Pacific, Agate and Q-Soft are on board to complement Seagate's 30 internal staff however, Wyman expects continued growth to generate new channel partners.

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