Fujitsu seeks channel support for groupware battle

Fujitsu seeks channel support for groupware battle

Fujitsu Australia has launched a new channel marketing strategy for its fledgling groupware software, TeamWare. And the man in the hot seat, Fujitsu's channel marketing manager Alfred Tsoi, is already planning a new strategy for growing business in Australia and New Zealand.

Fujitsu's TeamWare has always faced a strong competitor in the shape of Lotus Notes. Fortunately for Fujitsu, the majority of Tsoi's 18 years experience was in the ranks of Lotus' development and executive staff, so can apply his knowledge to tackling the market leaders.

Tsoi's new strategy is aiming TeamWare software, particularly TeamWare Office, at the small to medium enterprise (SME) end of the market. He sees the SME market as holding enormous potential for Fujitsu.

"The overall market in Australia is tremendous," he said. "Of the two market segments, corporate enterprise and SMEs, the latter segment is virtually untapped. To position TeamWare in the SME market will be our key strategy."

Originally created in Europe by Nokia, TeamWare Office is a collaborative software package that contains mail, library, forum and calendar options.

Tsoi is now on the lookout for suitable reseller partners to help push TeamWare into the market.

"We are seeking long term, mutually beneficial channel partners to join us in selling our products," he said.


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