IBM turns Wintel servers into enterprise offerings

IBM turns Wintel servers into enterprise offerings

With last week's release of entry-level enterprise servers for its NetFinity, AS/400 and RS/6000 ranges, IBM is giving its entire customer base access to Internet-based applications that connect from as few as three to as many as hundreds of users.

Each server -- NetFinity 3500 range, AS/400e 170 and RS/6000 H50 & F50 -- can support typical business operations, as well as networked e-business applications. They come ready to run the Lotus Domino workgroup productivity and web server e-business software. In addition, IBM offers preferred rate financing at below market rates, and IBM service and support options.

"These servers allow companies to start small, then grow lightning fast according to their needs," said Andrew Baker, general manager for systems, IBM Australia and New Zealand.

"We're using IBM experience, support services and technology to deliver performance and reliability that is required by enterprises of every size. Just like large enterprises, small and medium businesses need to ensure their computing systems and web sites are up and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year," Baker added.

Small and medium enterprises worldwide account for nearly half of the $700 billion that is spent annually on information technology purchases, according to industry estimates.

In Australia and New Zealand, there are an estimated one million small and medium businesses.

"Any business, whether small, medium or large, is mission critical business," Baker said.

The NetFinity 3500 RRP starts from $4410, the IBM AS/400e server 170 RRP starts from $26,395, the entry-level AS/400e server 150 RRP starts from $14,410, while the RS/6000 F50 RRP starts from $41,150 and the RS/6000 Enterprise Server H50 RRP starts from $55,500.


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