PhaseShift protects millennium data

PhaseShift protects millennium data

The brains behind the successful IBM mainframe networks and systems product Net/Master have done it again. They have come up with a Y2K solution for large mainframe business applications.

John Robinson and Stephen Dawson founded Software Developments International 16 years ago. Net/Master was sold to US-based Sterling Software in 1993 and has generated $1.3 billion in sales to date.

Robinson and Dawson have joined forces with fledgling Australian company Phase Shift Technology to produce what they call a "new, comprehensive year 2000 solution".

"It is the only complete solution for large systems that provides automatic rectification," said Dawson.

PhaseShift 2000 is a tool that transparently ensures dates remain within the twentieth century so they can be processed by applications without requiring changes to files or programs. Correct date information is maintained in all external sources, such as screens, files and reports.

The product uses encapsulation, which requires virtually no programming or data changing. PhaseShift 2000 shifts dates "on the fly" without physically changing files. The aged data can then be used to test applications for year 2000 compliance.

The product will be sold directly for now but Dawson says as business develops, PhaseShift may need service providers to distribute the product.

Phase Shift Technology

Tel (02) 9437 9862

Fax (02) 9437 9867

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