NetStar wins LANMania promotion

NetStar wins LANMania promotion

NetStar's remarkable run of success has seen it top the list in LAN Systems' LANMania '99 promotion.

NetStar will be joined by 14 other resellers and integrators on a tour to the US which will see them visit the who's who of networking executives, including Cisco CEO John Chambers; 3Com president Bruce Claflin; Bill Larson, CEO of Network Associates; Steve Kim, CEO of Xylan; plus executives from Fore Systems and Packeteer.

"Effectively, all of these CEOs will be relaying their technology vision about where they and the industry are going in the next six to 12 months," said Nick Verykios, chief marketing officer of LAN Systems. "It will be great information for them to take back to their customers to start formulating future strategies."

Verykios also said he hoped to introduce the resellers to the idea of partnering with each other, in order to better their businesses.

"We'll be asking to them: 'Do you realise that rather than looking at each other as competitors there are many occasions where you can partner and do business together?'

"The only way you're going to get these guys to stop looking at each other competitively is on a trip like this, where they can start exploring partnering possibilities over dinner or something."

The LANMania promotion has been running since October with LAN Systems' resellers being awarded points based on the amount of equipment they have sold. To help level the playing field, smaller and regional resellers earn more points for what they sell.

The tour is not all work, however. The winning resellers will begin the tour by taking in the New Orleans Jazz Tour and will finish in Los Angeles and a visit to Universal Studios.

The winning resellers

1. NetStar

2. JNA

3. Path Communications

4. Compaq

5. Netbridge

6. TBA

7. LANLink

8. Sunrise Computer Systems

9. Smart Source Australia

10. Computer Systems Australia

11. Future Group

12. HunterLink

13. Business Computers of Australia

14. Equant Integration Services

15. AlphaWest

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