Proxy adds firewall, blocks sites and supports IPX

Proxy adds firewall, blocks sites and supports IPX

Microsoft has released version 2 of its Proxy server, and has set a newprice point for firewall software at the same time.

With an RRP of $1479 for unlimited users, you'll need to find out just what extra features you get from firewall products costing 10 to 20 times that amount if your customer has an NT server platform. The new version supports hierarchical proxy setups, allowing customers to hand off requests for data to servers further up the company pipeline to the Internet.

Microsoft claims that Internet traffic can be halved by using the Proxy server, a figure that is similar to other vendors claims for their proxy offerings.

The proxy server supports dial-on-demand connection to the Internet for small businesses with only modem access. If the data is cached, the server sends it to the client and only dials out when there is a request for new data. Proxy server also includes an IPX to IP gateway allowing PCs on NetWare networks, that haven't had an IP stack loaded, to access the Internet without modification. The built-in firewall provides dynamic packet filtering, application layer security using web proxy and circuit layer security using either WinSock or SOCKS proxy.


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