Looking for consensus

Looking for consensus

At IDG's InfoWorld Test Centre, testing enterprise solutions often requires us to cobble together components from various vendors to test the best technology offerings. Recently we looked for the top products of the year and found that when you lock too many people who write opinions for a living in a room, and ask them for a consensus, you get chaos, debates and arguments. We haggled over operating systems, debated Microsoft Office 97 and strained to think of any peripherals that captured our attention. (None did.)But before the brawl began, two solutions were mentioned by name as the best of 1997: Silicon Graphics' WebForce MediaBase 2.0 and Origin 200 videostreaming solution, and IBM's RS/6000 server. Everyone agreed.

What's so outstanding about these solutions that they maintained such a presence in our minds?

The power of the SGI's WebForce Media-Base solution is that once we began testing it, the tools were so easy to use we felt like trying something new all the time.

It will. With powerful hardware and excellent management software, SGI's videostreaming tools will help you make better use of all those videotapes currently gathering dust in stacks.

As for IBM's RS/6000 F50, we first tested it in July 1997 when it made our Web-server testing hum. It's fast, reliable, easy to administer, and even easier to fix. We liked the RS/6000 F series so much, we've added one as a platform for our test bed in the Test Centre, where reliability is key.

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