Systems Union announces impressive results

Systems Union announces impressive results

An estimated 30 per cent growth in revenue for Q1 1998, compared to the same time last year, has prepared financial management and business software vendor Systems Union for a big year. Systems Union distributes SunSystems, a flexible financial management product.

Bolstered by large sales, including one of the largest single commercial transactions for 1997, Systems Union has had a significant response from both its direct and indirect sales. The vendor has 15 qualified resellers in Australia and New Zealand, known as SunCentres. Systems Union also secured a number of important government contracts last year, including the Ministry of Defence and the South Pacific Commission in Fiji and Noumea.

Managing director Margaret Pernet said government business is extremely important to Systems Union. Systems Union supplies mainly to the New South Wales and Federal Governments.

Pernet says the company went through a rigorous evaluation process before being accepted as a government supplier. She says government has become more commercial.

"Market acceptance of SunSystems indicates that our financial management system is highly appropriate for mid-range customers in both the private and public sectors," she said.

"We treat government contracts as normal business and sell to help the government become more commercial and more business focused."

Systems Union's strategy for the coming year is to align with vertical software business partners to increase its market penetration, according to Pernet. It has already established partnerships with Oracle and Microsoft.

Systems Union

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