i.t.connXions trumpets NC and connectivity solutions

i.t.connXions trumpets NC and connectivity solutions

i.t.connXions emerged in 1992 as part of the IT Division of GEC Alsthom Australia -- one year after GEC's acquisition of the Lionel Singer Corporation which included Network Solutions, a leading network integrator and service provider of that era.

In 1994 i.t.connXions was appointed Australia's master distributor for Digital's systems products with sole distribution rights for the Alpha Generation range. Since then, i.t.connXions has become the national value added distributor for Digital PCs, networking, products, components, peripherals, and services.

The organisation's strong position stems from a portfolio of innovative and complementary products from some of the world's largest vendors, including Digital, Netscape, 3Com, Oracle, Boundless Technologies, Citrix, HummingBird, US Robotics, Cognos, FTP Software, SCO, American Power Conversion (APC), Digi International, Genicom, Cheyenne, Attachmate and Allied Telesyn.

In January this year, i.t.connXions was appointed the Australian distributor for SunSoft, Sun Microsystems' software division.

More information on i.t.connXions can be found at where resellers can also access online pricing.

Distributed products

Here is a brief look at some of the interesting products resellers can source from i.t.connXions.

-- Digi International is a provider of data communications hardware and software that delivers connectivity solutions for the multi-user, remote access and LAN markets. Digi products include a variety of solutions for remote access and LAN-to-LAN connectivity via modems, ISDN lines and X.25 Public Data Networks, I/O subsystems, terminal emulation software and Unix-based fax products.

-- WatchGuard Technologies makes Internet security products that enable businesses and schools to conduct safe electronic commerce and communications.

-- The Boundless Technologies Network Computer (NC) line gives users multimedia support and on-demand access to data and applications.

-- The Viewpoint TC can be configured as a Network Terminal (model 100) offering text terminal emulations, TCP/IP connectivity and access to Unix and legacy applications.

-- Cognos supplies business intelligence software, allowing users to extract critical information from corporate data assets through analysis, reporting and forecasting.

-- SunSoft. Sun's product line has broadened significantly over the years to encompass not only workstations, but workgroup, department, and mainframe-capacity servers; mass storage systems; system software; network management solutions; and much more. i.t.ConnXionsTel (02) 9415 0550Fax (02) 9417 8870ENDS NETWORK RESELLER

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