IBM expands ThinkPad line and unveils Pentium II Aptiva

IBM expands ThinkPad line and unveils Pentium II Aptiva

IBM yesterday announced it has added four new models to its ThinkPad notebook PC line and rolled-out the first Pentium II model of the Aptiva E Series.

The new ThinkPad 385XD and 380XD models feature a 233MHz or 266MHz Pentium processor with MMX extensions; 32MB of standard memory; 2MB of video RAM; integrated floppy drive, hard drive, and 10 to 24x CD-ROM drive; stereo speakers, and a 12.1in TFT (thin film transistor) or HPA (high-performance addressing) display. A 56Kbps PC Card modem comes with the 385XD and is an option with the 380XD.

The ThinkPad 310ED includes a 166MHz Pentium processor with MMX, Level 2 cache, 32MB of standard memory, a 2.1GB hard drive, a 12.1in DSTN screen, an 8- to 20x CD-ROM drive, an ActionTec 56Kbps PC Card modem, MPEG-1 video playback and Zoomed Video port support.

IBM also unveiled the Aptiva E76, the first model of the Aptiva E Series to feature a Pentium II processor. The new model is available now in the US and will be rolled out worldwide in the next few months.

The E76 features a 300MHz Pentium II processor, 64MB of RAM, an 8GB hard drive, 24x CD-ROM drive, a K56flex modem, 512KB of Level 2 cache, 4MB of synchronous graphic RAM and SRS 3-D surround sound.


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