Components the key for LAN 1

Components the key for LAN 1


In late 1992, LAN 1 was formed with a plan to combine the distribution of four key products in mass storage, networking and communications, with the best possible client support and the development of complementary software products.

The hardware distribution phase was started in February 1993, and by late 1993 LAN 1 had established a network integration team in order to provide network and support services to its client base.

LAN 1 has now established a head office in Sydney with another branch located in Melbourne. The Sydney complex houses the sales, engineering, research and development, support facilities, warehouse and administration.

Distributed products

Compex. Compex offers a full line of networking hardware of Ethernet architectures. Many of its products feature enhancements based on Compex's proprietary LSI chip and software designs. Its Ethernet adapters feature the 100Mbps FreedomLine100TX and ReadyLink100TX PCI series, the 16-bit and 32-bit FreedomLine Plug and Play series and the 16-bit ReadyLink2000 series. Other networking products include the parallel port Ethernet adapters; PCMCIA cards, and stand-alone and stackable hubs that are installed with network management software.

HeadQuarters Software. FaxHQ runs on a network and is easily available to anyone attached to the network. To send a fax, the user simply prints any document, file or spreadsheet to FaxHQ instead of a regular printer.

The fax is converted to a professional-looking PostScript format and is sent on its way. This eliminates the need to walk to the printer, get the fax, run to the fax machine and feed it, then wait for it to be scanned. On a single page fax, the time saving could easily add up to five minutes. The time savings (and therefore cost savings ) are multiplied as the office fax traffic increases.

Micropolis. Micropolis sold its disk drive operation and the name Micropolis to Singapore Technologies. The disk drive operation is now called Micropolis (S) Pty Ltd. It is privately held.

The remainder of what used to be Micropolis (the divisions that make and sell external storage subsystems, disk array products, and video servers) is continuing operation under the name of StreamLogic Corporation.

In April 1997, Micropolis introduced two new lines of disk drives: the Micropolis Mustang, an Enhanced IDE drive for the performance PC market; and Stinger, an Ultra SCSI drive for the entry-level server and workstation markets.

Network Peripherals. Network Peripherals designs, manufactures and markets high-performance networking solutions for growing workgroups.

The vendor has positioned itself to meet the demand for high-speed networking products by offering a product line of Fast Ethernet, FDDI and ATM LAN switching hubs; concentrator hubs; adapters; and networking software drivers and applications.

The primary advantages offered by NPI solutions to customers are focused on eliminating the bandwidth problem endemic to Ethernet networking: congestion and bottlenecks caused by many users accessing relatively few network servers and using increasingly complex applications.

Tekram Technology. Tekram is an international manufacturer of caching and non-caching IDE controllers and SCSI host adapters with world headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan.

Since October 1991, Tekram has been working in North America through a joint venture with Alpha Research. Alpha Research has been responsible for providing all sales, marketing and technical support for Tekram's North American customers.

In September 1994, these two corporations joined forces to bring Tekram Technology officially to North America.

Tekram controllers are marketed through distributors, as well as direct to corporations, government agencies, large system integrators and original equipment manufacturers.


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