When all you have is a phone line

When all you have is a phone line

Genuine SOHO people don't even have a PABX. Often they just have two phone lines: one for the business and another for the home. To their rescue comes a local developer, National Communications.

Designed and built right here in Australia, National Communications offers a range of gadgets that you can plug into your existing phone line to make it more useful.

Its basic line sharing family sold under the name Easy-Connect is designed to allow you to use a fax and modem as well as your telephone, without installing a separate phone line. From there things get more sophisticated. The Interphone allows multiple phones connected to a single line to communicate with each other as though you had a commander system. Further up the range is Easy-Transfer which turns normal handsets into a mini-PABX for the small office.

It also provides "music-on-hold" which simply works by plugging your boom-box into one port and your phone into the other, and by plugging a terrific gadget called Door Station into your phone and your front door. When someone presses the doorbell the phones ring, and you can pick up the phone and talk to the person waiting at the door, then press a key on your phone to let them in. Very tricky.

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