TM offers Mac nous to Win world

TM offers Mac nous to Win world

One of the advantages of being an Apple reseller is the range of specialised user-friendly solutions developed specifically for the Mac environment. So when one of those solutions crosses the divide and comes into "Wintel land", it's bound to attract attention.

Such is the case with Wam!net Transmission Manager, the new cross-platform iteration of 4Sight ISDN Manager, used for moving large graphics files previously possible only between Macs.

According to Chris Spring, group general manager for Sealcorp, it's exactly the sort of solution and product its vertical distribution specialist 1World Systems is keen to develop in the channel.

Already having established a successful five-year relationship with the vendor, Sealcorp is looking to extend its depth and reach in the graphics, pre-press and multimedia industries.

Chris Beck, new business manager for UK-based Wam!net, was in Australia recently to start the process of promoting the new product and helping 1World train what Spring expects will be hundreds of resellers to come into the market for the product. Previously the domain of about 85 of its Mac solution channel customers, Spring estimated the cross-platform version of the barriered file delivery tool will attract 350 or more of 1World's resellers.

"They would need to have some communications skills, obviously some ISDN experience, and preferably be active in an NT environment," Spring said. "But they will find we have researched the end-user market potential and the complexities of the graphics, design and photographic business," he added. This is a niche of one of the distributor's stated segments.

In Transmission Manager alone, Spring is expecting to be doing $2 million worth of business annually, attracting a far wider range of resellers that are able to help take the product to new markets.

Apple authorised master of media reseller Ad Type Solutions as a system integrator specialising in the graphics and pre-press market. Managing director Greg Middleton believes that Transition Manager will open up markets for them from the Windows/NT world. "Almost any client that has the need to move large files across ISDN lines is a prospect," he said, "and it extends the application to users of Windows-based CAD applications."

Transmission manager carries a recommended price of $1875.


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