Banyan Intranet Protect 1.0

If you use Intranet Protect to secure access to files on a Banyan StreetTalk for a Windows NT server, you must use the Intranet Protect administration tools to start, stop or check the status of the protection. If you try to use Banyan StreetTalk Explorer or some other Vines tool, you will not get an accurate assessment of your service.

Microsoft SNA Server

If you are running a Microsoft SNA Server on either a Windows NT 3.51 or Windows 4.0 computer with a high load and you run into network problems, your server may crash with a "STOP OxOA in NTOSKRNL.EXE" message. Microsoft has discovered there were code paths in AFD.SYS with data structures that were being freed twice. There will be a fix in the next service packs for NT. In the meantime, you can get the following patched files from Microsoft:

NT 4.0: 12/09/97 05:36p 63,888 Afd.sys (Intel) 12/09/97 05:33p 112,400 Afd.sys (Alpha)NT 3.51 12/09/97 07:47p 52,272 Afd.sys (Intel) 12/09/97 07:44p 88,880 Afd.sys (Alpha)NetWare 4.11A DS.NLM 5.95 is available in the DS411H.EXE patch for NetWare 4.11. It changes the maximum length for the Bindery Context Set parameter to 2048. Novell points out a problem with NWPA.NLM that may cause a file server abend if you give a console command greater than 256 characters. To fix this bug get NWPA.NLM, Version 2.32D (05/23/1997) or later.

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